Coming together in a circle has been a fundamental pillar of human existence for thousands of years. At celebrations and festive occasions, but also in case of conflicts within the tribe or community, people met for rituals and ceremonies to create a peaceful coexistence.


The ritual practice of coming together has become a marginal phenomenon in our modern society and is rather negatively associated with sects. Instead, we gather in the circle of our loved ones on holidays and limit ourselves to the common enjoyment of small talk, food & alcohol. Our general celebration culture is characterized by a similar picture: At big festivals and fairs we mainly take care of our own pleasure. A really deep encounter rarely takes place outside of a mutual relationship or friendship.

 The quality of a mindful encounter in a low stimulus environment is obvious. 

Those who at some point no longer find pleasure in the superficial stimulation of the senses will rarely or never find alternatives in our society. The need for group membership and the encounter with our soul, which has been deeply rooted in our DNA for thousands of years, is sought but not found in the common practice of a sport or religion, in sexual contact or in the expression of a political movement.


But the solution is so simple..

I was amazed at how deeply this work touched me during my first session with naturopath Johannes Michels a few years ago and fulfilled my need for interpersonal contact, the possibility to speak my truth and be heard + seen.

Countless sessions over the next years followed.



This technique, developed by Charles Berner in 1968, is a simple way to connect with yourself and others in a safe environment. I like to describe this technique as a modern form of tribal gathering. Tailored to the needs and disproportionate intellect of modern man. You can find further information at Wikipedia.

I host a regular circle in my massage studio in Leipzig-Gohlis, currently Thursday evenings from 18-21/22 o'clock, the energy compensation is 10€. Feel free to contact me if you are interested or join the telegram group.

Once learned, the technique can also be used in your own personal environment to get into deeper contact with friends, your partner or a family member than the previous social context might have allowed.
This is how transforming miracles happen, even with people you think you have known for years or with complete strangers.



 Know yourself - through the
 reflection of the others 

 A tool of transformation 
 In twos or in a group 

 With friends, family & with strangers 

What do circles mean to us as social beings?

Enlightenment Intensive or "Tell me who you are!"