A crystal bed session lasts between 15 and 45 minutes and can be clearly perceived by most people through activity or tingling in different parts of the body.

After 5-10 minutes, the first sign of effectiveness is a visible relaxation of the jaw, neck and arm region.

Many people fall into a deep, dreamy and restful sleep during the session, where life issues can be looked at, sorted and resolved.

People with clear symptoms often feel Activity in the affected regions.

After the session most people feel relaxed, refreshed and blissful.

Each session is supported by selected music from a high quality sound system.

The crystal bed is an instrument consisting of seven high purity quartz crystals cut according to Marcel Vogel. It was invented in Brazil and has found its way around the world. During a session, the crystals are aligned with your seven chakras  and then illuminated with light of varying intensity in the respective color of the chakra.


 A powerful Tool of Self-Healing 

 A solarium for the soul. 

The crystals have the ability to charge your body, mind and soul with life energy, balance your energy system and dissolve hardened aspects on all levels of your being. The crystal bed stimulates your whole system to self-healing and regeneration.

Procedure of a Crystal Bed Session

A contact with the crystal bed is completely free of side effects and can give everyone a wonderful experience.
However, a series of treatments with the crystal bed is particularly useful in the following life circumstances:
  • Stress, burnout, persistent restlessness
  • depression
  • Chronic physical illnesses of all kinds
  • As support for e.g. chemotherapy
  • headache / migraine
  • mental blockades / blocking beliefs
  • sleep problems
  • concentration problems 
In these cases a whole cycle (5 sessions) is recommended.

Prices for crystal bed sessions


Welcome Special:
15 minutes free with first massage booking



15 minutes: 15,- €
30 minutes: 25,- €
45 minutes: 35,- €


whole cycle: 140,- €
 1x 15 min. + 2x 30 min. + 2x 45 min. 



When is a Crystal Bed Session worthwhile?

The crystal bed is perfect in combination with a massage / bodywork session. I use the crystal bed as needed and agreed upon in your session.

 "...like a walk in the woods on a sunny spring day." 

 Field Report by Mara, 34 

 A powerful Tool of