Most physical ailments (tension, pain, restricted mobility) can be improved by working on the fascial tissue. Through the targeted and intuitive localisation of hardened, immobile areas on the body, a quick improvement in well-being can be achieved through simple work.

ITF© Fascial Method + Wellness

RIKTA© Quantum Therapy

RIKTA© is a technology from Russia based on laser, infrared rays and a weak magnetic field. The low-frequency oscillations (5 Hz, 50 Hz, 1000 Hz) generated by this technology stimulate metabolic processes in the body and accelerate healing processes. The technology, which is nearly unknown in western countries, is painless and without side effects. Numerous studies show evidence of effectiveness in over two hundred clinical pictures.
RIKTA© can be used positively (partly from personal experience) for


  • Broken bones

  • Injuries to tendons or ligaments

  • Tensions

  • Sore muscles

  • skin diseases (eczema, rashes, neurodermatitis, etc.)

  • scars

  • Organ complaints

  • Tinitus

  • Lymphatic complaints

  • To support general health

  • Detoxification support 


It is possible to improve the energy flow through the body in up to 10 RIKTA sessions on a long-term basis by treating the meridians or energy channels of the body.


 or the transformative power of touch  

I combine this result-oriented treatment method with elements of wellness massage, depending on your needs. In this way we find the optimal balance between triggering work on the tissue and complete release and relaxation. In this way every individual physical need can be satisfied.

I respond individually to your needs.

Whether a gentle wellness oil massage or efficient dissolving of pain points:

The bodywork- sessions are completed by a innovative technology:

Prices for Bodywork Sessions:

45 Minutes - 40 €
60 Minutes - 50 €
90 Minutes - 70 €